Hybrid Vehicles near Dallas, TX

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Sam Pack Auto Group, near Dallas, Texas offers a wide variety of Hybrid Vehicles.  Simply put, a hybrid car uses at least one electric motor in conjunction with a gasoline engine to propel the vehicle, and the system uses regenerative braking to recover energy. The electric motor does all of the work occasionally, the gas engine does it other times, and they sometimes collaborate. As a result, less gasoline is consumed, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. In some cases, adding electricity can actually improve performance.  Check our new and used vehicle inventory online and come to the Sam Pack dealership near Dallas, TX, to test drive today.

Electricity is supplied by a high-voltage battery pack (separate from the car’s conventional 12-volt battery) that is replenished by capturing energy from deceleration that would otherwise be lost due to heat generated by the brakes in conventional cars. (This is accomplished via the regenerative braking system.) The gas engine is also used to charge and maintain the battery in hybrids. There are various hybrid designs to achieve various goals, ranging from maximum fuel savings to keeping the vehicle’s cost as low as possible.

Sam Pack Auto Group is pleased to provide answers to Dallas, Texas drivers who are interested in this innovative type of vehicle! A hybrid vehicle is a strategic combination of a gasoline-powered vehicle and an electric vehicle. Under the hood, you’ll notice an electric motor and a gasoline engine; they work together to produce that amazing fuel economy and reduce emissions while still allowing you to drive at the necessary speed and distance.

Financing and Specials

Sam Pack provides affordable Ford financing as well as new car specials. Even if you are on a tight budget, our team of experts is always ready to assist you in locating company incentives and the best deals to meet your needs. Visit our  dealership near Dallas, TX today to take advantage of all the benefits that a Hybrid Vehicle has to offer!