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Ford Aims To Make The Roads Safer With High Tech Headlights

ford high tech headlights

Proper lighting is crucial when it comes to driver safety time at night. In order to make driving safer, Ford Motor is developing headlight technology which will make it easier for the driver to detect pedestrians, objects and animals. Ford’s technology will rely on a front-end camera which works in conjunction with GPS for maximum illuminating properties. The camera detects lane markings enabling the system to light up corners. The system will also remember the route in order for optimal lightening the next time you drive the same route.

An infrared camera positioned in the Ford’s grille will be able to detect body heat at a range of 120 meters. Two LED lamps will be in place in order to illuminate exits and roundabouts. The headlights will be able to determine if the vehicle is approaching a roundabout or intersection thanks to Ford’s current road-sign recognition technology. The system is expected to be more cost efficient compared to similar technology offered by other auto manufacturers.

The system will also be able to track up to 8 different obstacles at a time and display them on the vehicle’s LCD screen with various colored markings indicating their proximity.

Ford has not released when the technology will be made available but experts predict that future cars will utilize this technology. The headlights are expected to hit Europe and Asian markets due to current headlight regulations in the U.S.